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Our Ranch started as a necessity and grew into a passion

In 2007 Eve, was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder in her intestines. We were at a cross-roads as a family. Do we follow the conventional wisdom of the MD's or go the hippy route of "physician, heal thyself" by changing what goes into her body, not putting a bandage on a wound with medications and treatments - it would be a tough decision to make, and even tougher decision to carry out. We decided to let "food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food"

This created, unknowingly, a whole different set of problems - where do we find non-chemical foods? How to we cook them? How do we pay for all this?

With Doug's knowledge in Ranching, and Eve's need of righteously raised foods - we set off on a multi-year adventure that has brought us to what SonRise Ranch is today.

Beginning with just a few milk cows, a couple of chickens and some pigs, we discovered two things; first, food can and does heal (today Eve is total asymptomatic and on the path to complete healing). Secondly, the earth is bountiful and abundant - soil is life and can sustain, grow and heal our lands and our people. Within just a few years of setting off to grow only enough for our tiny family, using regenerative agriculture principles, we are now feeding hundreds of others connected to us - Truly, bounty is upon us!

Now, we are an all natural, regenerative, non-industrial, non-chemical, non-government subsidy funded family farm. We grow and sell, by the pound Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef that never eat grain. We employ a great team of dedicated folks with a passion for what they do.

We raise humanely treated, antibiotic free, organic fed beef on grass only, which result in a deep, rich flavor that generations before us enjoyed. We employ holistic planned grazing methods to feed our ruminate animals the freshest, rapidly growing green grass possible, that simultaneously build, not deplete, the land and surrounding environment.

We are deeply committed to the principles of small farming and regenerative agriculture. We have estimated that it takes only 1.78 calories of petroleum, to produce a single calorie of beef or pork from our ranch - far less than the 9 calories needed in the conventional, corn-fed, CAFO industrial systems.

Our patrons are encouraged to become involved in their local agriculture community, to seek knowledge about proper farming and Ranching techniques, to find and know their local farmer and to stop falling prey to the Chemical-Industrial-Government complex poisoning our food, bodies and ecosystems.

We feed only organic feeds and use no pesticides. If you are reading this, perhaps you have found yourself in a similar situation. We are glad you are hear - welcome to the Ranch. We hope that you find this site useful, informative and inspiring. Yes, we sell stuff, but we also love to share our insight and journey.

Take a look at our
Ranch Blog - you will find tons of useful information.

We also dedicate a lot of time to explaining how a whole, half or quarter beef can be the most economical method of sourcing healing food.

Please reach out to us, even it just to chat - we love sharing and helping. Our phone number is all over this site for a reason. In the day and age of texting, snap-chatting and tweeting, we believe, in the good-old-fashioned telephone... remember those? Drop us a line, were here to help.

Visit our Ranch

If you'd like to visit - we would love that! We have a Guest Ranch set up for visitors, cabins and all. Come on out and see us. Learn more by clicking here.