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We are deeply committed to the principles of small farming and sustainable agriculture. We have estimated that it takes only 1.78 calories of petroleum, to produce a single calorie of beef or pork from our ranch - far less than the 9 calories needed in the conventional, corn-fed industrial system.

Our Ranch patrons are encouraged to become involved in their local agriculture community.

The tell tail sign of Grass-fed & finished Beef is yellow fat. Yes, you read that right, true fat should be yellow if the animal is pasture raised on grass. Usually, fat is white - after all, that is what we see in the grocery stores. But, real grass fed is yellow, not white... here is a short video that explains this quite succinctly.

Because Grass-fed & finished Beef is raised differently, it tastes very different and cooks uniquely. We encourage potential quarter, half and whole beef buyers to learn the intricacies of cooking Grass-fed & finished beef - as such, here is an easy to follow video that shows our favorite technique for cooking a steak.

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