How to order a Whole or Half or Quarter Beef

Purchasing a Custom Cut Beef from SonRise Ranch is a multi-step process.

The entire transaction can be completed using our website - once complete, there are no additional fees involved.

First, the live beef is purchased from SonRise Ranch. Next, a brand inspection must be conducted by a state brand inspector legally transferring the title of ownership to you, the customer.

If you wish to evenly split a beef with another person select "Two Owners" and include the other name and we will divide the meat evenly between the two recipients.

Finally, your animal (as you now own it) is transported to the butcher, usually under agreement with SonRise Ranch, then harvested at the processing facility where your custom cutting instructions will be carried out to your specifications.

Note - You cannot legally sell your Beef once it is processed. The other "Owner(s)" must be listed on the Brand Inspection certificate, in step one, before they can pay for any of the processed beef.

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